Intra-Operative Results of the Hensler Bone Press

Hensler Bone PressAnterior/Cervical (360) C4 - T1 Revision / Fusion
Hensler Bone PressTLIF (1 Level)

Hensler Bone PressPosterior Cervical Fusion
Multi-level Decompression
Hensler Bone PressMulti-Level Lumbar Decompression
In-Situ Fusion

Hensler Bone Press Features

      • Harvests and maximizes the Gold standard: Autograft.
      • Reduces the requirement and cost of synthetics and/or biologics.
      • Disposable, easy to use, and utilizes a 2-step operation to maintain good case flow.
      • Additional application for use with an ultrasonic device to capture tumor: STERILE.
      • Can be applied to malunion or nonunion fractures for long bones, such as femus, humerus and tibia.

Case of the Week

        • Location: Palermo Civico Hospital (Sicily, Italy)
        • Surgeon: Dr. Fiorenza
        • Case: Corpectomy
        • Amount of Bone Harvested with HBP: >15 cc

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