Hensler Bone press (HBP)

The HBP is the evolving standard for the harvest of Autograft generated by the high speed drill. It offers a 2-stage proven process that is easily integrated into the case by support staff and surgeons. The HBP maximizes the Autograft availability for each case. It is patented, disposable, CE certified and offered globally. Cost containment and patient benefit with each use.  

Hensler Forceps

Our Non-stick, solid silver tipped disposable bipolar forceps, are as precision as you can get.  Perfectly weighted and balanced, with 13 sizes available to choose from, INCLUDING an irrigating electrocautery bipolar.  

Where precision electrocauterization is demanded.

HENSLER Bone Collector

The Hensler Bone Collector is a patented, disposable, rapid case-friendly device which captures the graft captured within each bite of the Kerrison(tm) rongeurs.  Understanding these valuable bone chips have scaffolding and osteoinductive elements, this device brings improved safety to the staff, easy integration into the case and most importantly, the PATIENT's fusion will be optimized using their own graft for their case.


Experience driven Innovation.