Intra-Operative Results of the Hensler Bone Press

Hensler Bone PressAnterior/Cervical (360) C4 - T1 Revision/Fusion
Hensler Bone PressPosterior Cervical Fusion
Multi-level Decompression
Hensler Bone PressAnterior Cervical Miscrodiscectomy and Fusion (3 level)
Hensler Bone PressCraniotomy for Resection of Right Frontal Mass
Hensler Bone PressTLIF (1 Level)

Hensler Bone PressThoracolumbar Decompressive Laminectomy T12-L4

Hensler Bone PressAnterior Cervical Microdiscectomy and Fusion (1 level) & Posterior Lumbar Decompression with In-Situ Fusion
Hensler Bone PressMayo Attachment Steps for the Autograft Collection Container

Hensler Bone Press Features

      • Harvests and maximizes the Gold standard: Autograft.
      • Reduces the requirement and cost of synthetics and/or biologics.
      • Disposable, easy to use, and utilizes a 2-step operation to maintain good case flow.
      • Additional application for use with an ultrasonic device to capture tumor: STERILE.
      • Can be applied to malunion or nonunion fractures for long bones, such as femus, humerus and tibia.

Case of the Week

        • Location: Palermo Civico Hospital (Sicily, Italy)
        • Surgeon: Dr. Fiorenza
        • Case: Corpectomy
        • Amount of Bone Harvested with HBP: >15 cc

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