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ConCelltrate® 100


ConCelltrate® 100 is an osteoinductive bone matrix. ConCelltrate® 100 products are verified for osteoinductivity post-sterilization prior to release for distribution. In-vivo test results demonstrate all 5 bone forming elements present (chondrocytes, osteocytes, bone marrow cells, cartilage, and new bone) in our implants. ConCelltrate® 100 does not contain any extrinsic carriers and is made from 100% human bone. ConCelltrate® 100 has exceptional handling characteristics that resists irrigation.

ConCelltrate® 100 is provided sterile with a medical device Sterility Assurance Level (SAL) 10-6. The product should be stored in ambient temperatures and has a shelf-life of up to five years from the date of packaging.

ConCelltrate 100 is indicated for the following surgical procedures:

  • Neurological Surgery
  • Orthopedics – Spine
  • Orthopedics – Multi-Disiplinary, such as Trauma & Foot and Ankle
  • OMF / Recontruction
  • Dental

CellRight Technologies®

CellRight Technologies® employs strict quality assurance and quality control procedures to ensure patient safety.

CellRight’s medical director, a licensed physician, performs an extensive medical review of the donor’s medical/social history to determine eligibility. Only donors whose screening, serologic, and microbiologic tests meet and exceed the current standards established by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB) are accepted for transplantation.

ConCelltrate® 100 is indicated for homologous use for the treatment of surgically created or traumatic skeletal defects.


  • Osteoinductive – each lot is assayed
  • Osteoconductive
  • Five Year Shelf Life
  • 100% Bone – no additional carrier
  • Ambient storage and shipping temperatures
  • Resist Irrigation
  • Available in a jar


  • 1.0 cc
  • 2.5 cc
  • 5.0 cc
  • 10 cc