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Hensler Surgical Products was created in 2011, between friends and colleagues, Sean Hensler, PA-C (Neurosurgery) and Dr. Thomas E. Melin (Neurosurgeon) in Wilmington, NC. 

Prior to founding Hensler Surgical, Mr. Hensler holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of North Florida and a dual masters from Nova Southeastern University in Physician Assistant studies and Medical Science.  Mr. Hensler served in the Navy as an FMF field Medic for the USMC, 1st Battalion 2nd Marines in Camp Lejeune, NC in late 90’s to early 2000’s.  Operating side by side with Dr. Melin since joining Coastal Neurosurgery in 2005, he operated in thousands of spinal and cranial cases, manifesting the products sold today.

Dr. Thomas Melin has nearly 30 years’ experience in neurological surgery.  He completed his Neurosurgical training at the University of North Carolina.

The company launched the Hensler Bone Press™ in 2012 to market, conceived within their own surgical cases, to improve the antiquated intra-operative techniques from Autologous bone harvesting from the high-speed drill.  Fast-forward to 2018, WE have earned global utilization of the Hensler Bone Press™, with now over 17,000 cases to date, and working diligently for the Hensler Bone Press™ to become the standard of care for Autograft harvesting for Neurological and NOW, Orthopedic Spine Surgery.  Launched in 8/2018, a NEW method of cancellous bone and marrow harvesting from the distal femur, Tibial heads, and Calcaneus harvesting has evolved, earning the Hensler Bone Press™, potentially the most universal bone harvesting system for Neurosurgeons, Orthopedic, Foot & Ankle, and many other surgeons undergoing fusion procedures.


Sean Hensler, PA-C

Sean Hensler, PA-C

Dr. Thomas Melin

Dr. Thomas Melin

OUR Non-stick bipolars launched in 2014 with 3 sizes, and WE slowly have grown the line to a full offering of bayonetted bipolars, 8” – 12” with custom irrigating forceps.  These amazing forceps are used globally, and more is in store for this line over the next year.

In 2017, we launched the Hensler Bone Collector™, focused primarily for the surgical technologist, first-assists and other team members, to quickly clear Kerrison’s and other bone Ronguers.  The safety element is simple:  Eliminate gloved hands from clearing sharp surgical instruments, quickly and efficiently.  Bundling the Hensler Bone Collector™ with the Hensler Bone Press™, has always been a vision since inventing the device in 2011.  The utilization of BOTH these novel and niche device, maximizes the laminar bone chips (scaffolding) AND drilled graft (scaffolding AND osteogenic bone) for fusions, thus propelling our Autograft recovery kits in multiple disciplines to IMPROVE patient care, CUT cost, REDUCE time in the OR and IMPROVE patient outcomes.   

Hensler Surgical proudly carries multiple other lines, that are evaluated from a CLINICAL perspective before consideration of distribution within the Hensler network.  We are very proud of the other lines we carry, which fit the 3 core requirements:  Improve patient care, improve current surgical practices, and show true value across the spectrum of other competitive devices, if any exist.

Lastly, our TEAM.  We at Hensler are honored to work with hundred of distributors and representatives throughout the globe.  These men and women are what has made us what we are today.  We feel strongly a company is only as strong and as good as the people that represent them.  We take great pride in our workforce.