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Hensler Bone Collector™

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The first patented device of its kind to dedicate it’s use use to the harvest of autograft captured from the kerrison ™. The device offers improved safety (the techs won’t have to ‘grab’ the bone with their hands), maximizes the autograft for the case and improves the outcomes of the patient for the fusion case.


  • Tested to be effective in any size Kerrison.
  • Nearly 100% effective in capturing the bone, even in the most ‘stuck’ positions.
  • Device features a redundant system that if the bone isn’t captured on the way it, it will be captured on the way out, as it’s retracted from the surgeon.
  • Disposable.
  • Harvests the GOLD standard source for fusion:  AUTOGRAFT.
  • Mixes perfectly with Hensler Bone Press graft, Bone mill graft, or any bone substitute, extended or biologic to integrate LIVE and clinically proven osteoinductive and osteoconductive graft for the fusion matrix.


Harvesting the AUTOGRAFT chips couldn’t be easier.  After thousands of cases and watching this process take place, as well as understanding the importance of these formed boner chips, this method emulates the action applied by the tech, first assist or PA-C.  The device MUST work quickly and effectively.  The device works with 2 easy steps that can be repeated the duration of the case.

Step 1:  After the surgeon takes a ‘bite’ from the lamina or bone source, the Kerrison(tm) is pointed toward the tech, usually blindly.  The tech would grab the shaft of the Kerrison(tm), and direct the mouth of the Kerrison(tm) with the chip into the opening of the Hensler Bone Collector™  (HBC).

Step 2:  Once inserted fully, it is rapidly removed.  The bone chip is stored in the container.  The Kerrison(tm) is cleaned off and the process is repeated.