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Amniotic Patches

Amnion Patches are regenerative allografts that may be used as a therapeutic agent in numerous clinical applications. Due to its fetal origin, the innate capability of the tissue supports regenerative rather than scar-mediated healing.

Key Features

  • Three thicknesses of Infinity Amnion Patches offer increased versatility across a variety of physician preferences.
  • Requires no up-front preparation and hydrates rapidly in the surgical site.
  • Stored at ambient temperature with a 5-year shelf-life.
  • Orientation stickers and notch in the upper left hand corner allow placement of the patch epithelial side up and stromal side down.
  • E-Beam sterilization provides sterility assurance level (SAL) of 10-6

Protective Barrier

Amniotic tissue acts as an immune-privileged protective barrier
during fetal development. Applied as an anatomical barrier, Amnion
Patches offer mechanical protection while also providing antiinflammatory,
anti-scarring, anti-adhesive and antimicrobial properties.

Natural Regenerative Healing

In the fetal wound-healing environment, there is a notable absence of fibroblast or inflammatory cell activity, leading to regenerative rather than scar-mediated healing. Our Amnion Patches’ proprietary process preserves the natural regenerative healing properties of the tissue and the endogenous growth factors and cytokines responsible for promoting healthy epithelial tissue formation while inhibiting fibrogenesis.

Safety and Versatility

Amniotic tissue is recovered from healthy mothers who have undergone cesarean delivery and is processed in accordance with FDA regulations and AATB standards. Amniotic tissue has been used for over 100 years with excellent clinical success.

Confidence & Trust

CGTPs and American Association of Tissue Bank (AATB) accredited supplier. Recovery and screening is performed according to FDA and AATB guidelines. Tissue for the Infinity Amnion Patches are recovered and processed under aseptic conditions and are terminally sterilized using validated E-beam irradiation.

Indications for Use

The Amnion Patches are intended for use as a soft tissue barrier or wound covering. Please refer to the package insert for complete allograft preparation instructions, storage requirements, warnings, and precautions.

Composition & Benefits

Amnion Patch, Single Layer

Amnion Patch, Single Layer is a traditional amnion allograft derived from the amnion layer of the placental membrane. Offered in a variety of sizes to meet physician needs. Infinity Amnion Patch, Single Layer is ideal for use in a number of surgical and soft tissue applications.

Amnion Patch, Multi Layer

Amnion Patch, Multi-Layer is a flexible allograft derived from the placental membrane, offering improved handling and increased workability. Infinity Amnion Patch, Multi-Layer is approximately 4x thicker than traditional single layer amnion and can be used for a wide variety of internal and external clinical applications.

Amnion Patch, Cord

Amnion Patch, Cord is a maximum natural thickness allograft derived from the umbilical cord. Approximately 8x thicker than traditional single layer amnion, Infinity Amnion Patch, Cord can be sutured and offers excellent handling characteristics.



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