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Personal Protective Equipment

Antiseptic Wipes by Safetec of America


Safetec Antiseptic Wipes are individually sealed towelettes ideal for first aid kits and hospital settings. These wipes are formulated with 66.5% ethyl alcohol to kill germs, contain moisturizing aloe and are free of dyes and sticky residues. Gentle cleansing without the use of soap and water. For use on face, hands and body to clean and refresh. Removes bacteria and soil from hands and skin. Portable and convenient.

HazMat Personal Protection Kits by DQE

  • Kits provide HazMat protection at a moment’s notice
  • Shield responders directly involved in HazMat emergency response and decontamination
  • All-in-One kit for the Ultimate in P.P.E.

Frostlite Pillow Encasements

Covers: Frostlite Pillow Cover, Zipper Encasement, 21″ x 27″
  • Ideal for long-term residents, encasement envelopes entire pillow in protection with zip closure and lock
  • Allergen-blocking and bed bug protection, as well as waterproof to prevent wetness and staining
  • 3-gauge vinyl
  • Not intended for industrial laundry