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Personal Protective Equipment | Healthcare Preventive Products

Personal Protective Equipment

KN-95 PPE Mask by Aumacom

KN-95 Personal Protective Mask is designed for filtering bioaerosols, such as airborne bacteria and virus’.  The specifications are >/= to N-95 masks per US NIOSH regulations. 

HazMat Personal Protection Kits by DQE

  • Kits provide HazMat protection at a moment’s notice
  • Shield responders directly involved in HazMat emergency response and decontamination
  • All-in-One kit for the Ultimate in P.P.E.

Frostlite Pillow Encasements

Covers: Frostlite Pillow Cover, Zipper Encasement, 21″ x 27″
  • Ideal for long-term residents, encasement envelopes entire pillow in protection with zip closure and lock
  • Allergen-blocking and bed bug protection, as well as waterproof to prevent wetness and staining
  • 3-gauge vinyl
  • Not intended for industrial laundry