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Orthopedic & Foot/Ankle Cancellous and Bone Marrow Harvesting



Intramedullary Canal Harvesting

(POSTReaming, PRENail insertion)


Clinically proven procedures, engineered around the use of the the high-speed drill for BOTH the cortical window and Post-reamed medullary canal (i.e.: Tibial Canal) of the precious patient-derived mixed Autologous material; allowing for the safe and speedy extraction of Cancellous bone and liquid bone marrow, from either the lower extremity condyles and/or the Intramedullary canal. 

The Highlander Procedures, named after Dr. Peter Highlander, add an even larger element of universal utilization in the operative theater, from spinal procedures to now lower extremity fusion procedures.  The Condylar technique boasts a small cortical window, precision targeted graft derivation with CONTROL, Speed, and a significantly less aggressive method for harvesting stem-cell and growth factor rich graft for use in bone fusion procedures. Suction wand included with variable-suction control. The Intramedullary canal harvesting procedure doesn’t add ANY additional structural drilling or reaming.  Post drilling, prior to placement of an I.M. nail, the canal is evacuated and the yields of Cancellous bone to liquid marrow, generally exceed 20 cc’s.

Utilizing the clinically proven Hensler Bone Press™ technology, we have developed a NEW approach to MIS cancellous bone and marrow harvesting from 2 clinically proven sites:

  1. Condylar Sites:  Distal Femur, Proximal / Distal Tibia or Calcaneus.
  2. Intramedullary Sites:  Such as the Tibial canal, Used POST-Reaming, to harvest Autologous material lying within the newly created medullary canal.

Kit Contents

  • Hensler Bone Press Top (1)
  • Collection top (1)
  • 80 cc HBP Containers (2)
  • Elbow adapter (1)
  • Custom Variable-Suction controlled rigid suction wand  (Condylar Procedure)
  • 3′ Custom Suction tubing (Intramedullary Procedure)

Intramedullary Harvesting Technique - HBP

Condylar Autograft - BMA harvest Technique - HBP

Calcaneal Harvest Technique - HBP


  • Distal Femur Condylar Procedure
  • Distal Tibia Condylar Procedure
  • Proximal Tibia Condylar Procedure
  • Calcaneus Autograft Harvest Procedure
  • Intramedullary Canal Harvesting
    • POST-reamed : PRE-Nail Insertion 


  • Foot & Ankle Surgeons
  • Orthopedic (Lower Ext) Surgeons
  • Orthopedic Trauma Surgeons

Competitor Analysis

Hensler Bone Press vs. Avitus® Bone Harvester

Avitus Bone Harvester is sold by Avitus® Orthopaedics, Inc. and unaffiliated with Hensler Surgical Products, LLC

Hensler Bone Press vs RIA™

HBP harvests BOTH Cancellous Bone and Marrow, same as Ria™, however with the below differences:

  • No irrigation added to bone marrow to dilute using the HBP.
  • No suction of the marrow upon harvesting with the HBP.
  • Click here for the Clinical Study from UAB-Birmingham.