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KG-1® Bone Graft Delivery Tool


The KG™ 1 is intended to be used for the delivery of hydrated allograft or AUTOGRAFT to an orthopedic surgical site. The KG™ 1 device delivers ~ 3x the volume of bone graft relative to disk material removed. With grafting time analysis per level, showing reduction of 10-20 minutes per level, This is THE bone deployment funnel for maximizing the interspace / Posterolateral fill for fusion cases.


  • 21.0 cm length, Rectangular syringe barrel for surgical site access and graft material delivery
  • a compatible syringe plunger for pushing the bone graft material into the operative site
  • Attachable funnel reservoir for loading prepared material.


  • Same cross-section as a small fusion cage, 8x12mm.
  • Doubles the internal cannula area to 77mm2 to enhance flow.
  • Two, 90mm2 lateral ports, 4mm from tip, facilitate graft distribution and volume.
  • Removable funnel, 10ml Capacity of Bone.
  • Tapered wedge tip, allowing for easy entrance into collapsed disk space.
  • Tantalum bead at tip for fluoroscopic visibility.
  • Lexan® cannula, 225 lbs. burst strength.


  • Proven higher fusion success: from 75% to 92% without BMP.
  • Easier and faster for surgeon.
  • Eliminates jamming & Saves ~20 minutes per level.
  • Tactile feedback answers “Am I done?”
  • Facilitates MIS & is Less invasive.
  • MIS or open technique – Engineered for TLIF’s and Lateral Fusions.
  • Single-Use disposable for assured sterility.