Orthopedic & Foot/Ankle Cancellous and Bone Marrow Harvesting


Utilizing the clinically proven Hensler Bone Press™ technology, we have developed a NEW approach to MIS cancellous bone and marrow harvesting from the distal Femur, Proximal / Distal Tibia or Calcaneus. Using the high-speed drill for BOTH the cortical window and pre-acquisition of the precious patient-derived Graft material; this allows for small cortical windows, precision targeted graft derivation with CONTROL, Speed, and a significantly less aggressive method for harvesting stem-cell and growth factor rich graft for use in bone fusion procedures. Proprietary Suction wand included with variable-suction control.

Kit Contents

  • Hensler Bone Press Top (1)
  • Collection top (1)
  • 80 cc HBP Containers (2)
  • Elbow adapter (1)
  • Custom Variable-Suction controlled rigid suction wand


  • Distal Femur
  • Distal Tibia
  • Proximal Tibia
  • Calcaneus
  • Distal Radius (coming soon)

Competitor Analysis

Hensler Bone Press vs. Avitus® Bone Harvester

Avitus Bone Harvester is sold by Avitus® Orthopaedics, Inc. and unaffiliated with Hensler Surgical Products, LLC

Hensler Bone Press vs RIA™

HBP-O harvests BOTH Cancellous Bone and Marrow, same as Ria™, however with the below differences:

  • No irrigation added to bone marrow to dilute using the HBP-O.
  • No suction of the marrow upon harvesting with the HBP-O.
  • Click here for the Clinical Study from UAB-Birmingham.