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Navigation Spheres

Hensler Surgical Exclusive


Have you ever wanted to work on a surgical procedure that is less invasive and more precise?   Then make it possible using our Navigation Markers for Image Guided Surgery.

Our sterile, single-use reflective Navigation Markers are used for image-guided surgery systems using passive tracking technology. It aids in the auto-registration and localization of rigid patient anatomical structures in image-guided surgery.

How does it work? During surgical procedures, the surgeon like you has minimal visibility of the instruments once inserted into the patient.

Our Navigation Markers are attached to the surgical instruments to provide localization and allow you to wirelessly track the position and orientation of any device from the frame of reference.

It happens when Infrared cameras track our reflective markers, and the coordinates in space are localized. After which, the diagnostic patient images are then referenced to the real patient. Now, the surgeon can navigate his or her surgical instruments on a computer screen. This makes surgical procedures less invasive and more precise. Our reflective navigation markers play an essential role in this important activity.

With our Navigation Markers, you can perform surgical procedures in a more precise manner. It can support Neurosurgery, Sinus Surgery, Cranio-Maxillofacial Surgery, Spine Surgery, Trauma Surgery, and Orthopedic Surgery such as Total Hip and Knee Replacements.

Our Navigation Markers are compatible with numerous surgical navigation systems.

Navigation Markers Features:

    Our Navigation Markers are 100% compatible with the existing pin standards.
    Our Navigation Markers are highly accurate. Our production and automated testing systems ensure a consistently high level of precision of each marker.
    The retro-reflective material used in our Navigation Markers has a reflection value of more than 250 cd/lux/m2, which facilitates very high visibility of each navigation marker for the tracking system. We believe that high navigation marker visibility is the prerequisite for reliable surgical navigation.
    All our Navigation Markers are packaged in double-sterile, high-grade blisters with high-quality Tyvec foil. A standard ethylenoxid gas sterilization process (ETO process) is used to receive reliable sterility.
    We put and deliver our Navigation Markers in a suitable dispenser box that facilitates easy withdrawal of the blisters while maintaining the overview on the remaining packages.
  • ISO 13485 : 2012 | CE Certified