Hensler Bone press (HBP)

The HBP is the evolving standard for High-YIELD Autograft harvesting, from bone generated by the high speed drill during decompression.

It offers a 2-stage proprietary and Patented technique that is easily integrated into the fusion case by support staff and surgeons. The HBP maximizes the Autograft availability for each case.

It is patented, disposable, CE certified and offered globally. Cost containment and patient benefit with each use with over 15,000 cases used to date!  Your patient deserves the BEST. We allow a process and device to give the patient JUST THAT!  




Hensler Forceps

Our Non-stick, solid silver tipped disposable bipolar forceps, are as precision as you can get.  Electroplated gold is manufactured over the precious metal to provide a proven effect of TRUE Non--stick tips you hope to achieve during the cases duration. 

Perfectly weighted and balanced, with 8" to 12" bayoneted instruments available with 2 different irrigating bipolars to perform exceptionally well, during the surgical case   

Used specifically where precision electrocauterization is demanded.

Sold NON-sterile for 1-time moist sterilization.

HENSLER Bone Collector

The Hensler Bone Collector (HBC) is a patented, disposable, rapid harvest and safety inclusive device,  which captures the laminar bone chips and other bone from bone ronguers, such as the Kerrison and Leksell.

  Understanding these valuable bone chips have scaffolding and all 3 vital osteoinductive elements, this device brings not only a proven value proposition, but an improved safety to the staff. 

By eliminating the long time acceptance of grabbing and using sponges to clear the Kerrison and Leksell, using the HBC intriniscially removes the gloved fingers from these sharp mouthed instruments. 

Easy integration into the case and most importantly, the PATIENT's fusion will be optimized using their own graft for their case.  Add with the Hensler Bone Press for Maximum scaffolding and harvesting.


Experience driven Innovation.